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In today’s world, where ever-increasing technologies have emerged, it is possible to access information and tools related to financial markets easily. One of the most useful and widely used tools for Persian-speaking professionals and novices in the field of financial transactions is a website called “Forex Factory Farsi”. As one of the most popular sources of education and information in the field of financial markets, Forex Factory provides useful and accurate information that helps traders make better decisions about their trades.

Entering the world of financial transactions, correct and accurate information and training are very important. By providing news, analysis, economic calendar, and other tools in Persian language, Forex Factory Farsi enables traders to obtain the necessary information and perform their analysis based on reliable and accurate data. This website has become a leader in the field of financial transactions due to its extensive and practical services.

In this article, we will examine the role and importance of forex factor in financial markets, and how to use this resource to improve decision-making and performance in financial transactions.

Download Forex Factory Farsi

Forex Factory’s economic calendar  is offered to Forex market traders in desktop and computer versions. Of course, on mobile phones, users can enter the Forex Factory site using a browser   and use its facilities. Currently,  the Forex Factory application  is not available for Android and IOS versions of mobile phones, and  it is not possible to download Forex Factory for a computer,  and it can only be accessed through the site. Of course, depending on the size of the browser screen of mobile phones, the use of  Forex Factory’s economic calendar  has suitable dimensions for traders.

Click on the link to enter  the Forex Factory site . 

Forex Factory site

Despite being one of the oldest sources of market analysis by traders, it is still considered one of the main references for traders. Although the environment of this website does not have much graphic beauty, it still has many fans due to its simplicity and oldness.

Of course, apart from the graphic view, the high degree of confidence in the accuracy of the world economic news of this site is considered one of the main factors of the popularity of this site. The table below mentions some of the facilities provided by ForexFactory.com website.

Forex Factory site

Forex Factory site

Training of the Farsi Forex Factory site

Various sites converted Forex Factory into Farsi, including this site ” https://forexfactory.live “, which displays economic statistics in Farsi, but has fewer options than the main site of Forex Factory, which is in English. has

First, we take a look at the main site of Forex Factory and see its capabilities.

Forex Factory was founded in 2004, with the goal of providing accurate and timely information to Forex traders worldwide. The website started with the idea of ​​creating a community of traders and financial information providers to share their knowledge and analysis in an interconnected environment. The Forex Factory site has become famous because of its various and useful sections. One of the reasons for the high number of visits to this site is that it is free, which displays economic statistics with the least possible delay. The complete training  of the ForexFactory site  and the Forex Factory calendar in the simplest and most eloquent way possible is available to you in the continuation of this article. 

How to create a user account on the Forex Factory site

First, enter the main site of Forex Factory (www.forexfactory.com) and click on the “Join” option.

How to create a user account on the Forex Factory site

How to create a user account on the Forex Factory site

In the new window, enter your details, activate the tick “I Confirm…” and finally click “Join Forex Factory” and then you can verify the email you entered in the registration form. (You are registered).

How to create a user account on the Forex Factory site

How to create a user account on the Forex Factory site

Note that it is not necessary to register to use the content of the Forex Factory site, and you can use the content of this site without registration.

Different parts of Forex Factory site

Different parts of Forex Factory site

Different parts of Forex Factory site

✔️ In the news / Latest stories section, Forex Factory shares the latest news published in the market.

✔️ In the news / hottest stories section, as the name suggests, the hottest news in the market is included.

✔️ In the breaking news / most viewed section, there are breaking news with the most views, which are displayed in the order of the number of views in this section.

✔️ In the fundamental analysis / most viewed section, the most visited forex fundamental analyzes are displayed in this section.

✔️ In the technical analysis/latest stories section, forex technical analysis related to the latest analysis carried out by experts is shared.

✔️ In the education news/latest story section, news is placed along with analysis by experienced experts in order to teach various topics, such as fundamental currency analysis.

✔️ In the Forex industry news / latest story section, the news of the global Forex market is displayed.

How to use Forex Factory

Forex Factory news is used in your transactions as follows:

1- In the “Date” section, it is written what day the statistics will be published. In the figure below, the date of Friday, January 19 is displayed, and the time of the announcement is indicated on the opposite side.

2- In the “Currency” section, what currency is the presented news related to?

3- In the “Impact” section, the importance of the news or its coloring is displayed, and in front of it, the title of the news or economic statistics that is going to be published. The colors of this site, according to the importance of the news, are from low to high with yellow colors (low importance), orange color (medium) and red color (important).

How to use Forex Factory

How to use Forex Factory

4- In the “Previous” section, the amount of statistics that was before is written, and in the “Forecast” section, the amount of predicted statistics that is likely to be published is written. In the “Actual” section, the amount of statistics published at the announced hour is written. If the price is published better than the predicted value, it is displayed in green color, if it is published worse than before, it is displayed in red color, and if it is published in the range of forecast statistics, it is displayed in the default color, which is black. For example: at 10:00 am local time and exactly when the Frankfurt market opens, there is an important news about the pound currency called “Retail Salse”. For example, in this photo of the UK retail sales statistics, the previous number was 4%, which was expected to be -0.5% (that is, it was expected to be worse than before), and when the news was announced, the number was -3.2%. became. It means that it was released much worse than the predicted statistics, and it means that after the news broadcast, the pound will experience a further drop against its currency pair.

5- In the “Detail” section, a photo is displayed as a folder. If you click on it, you will enter the details of that news.

How to use Forex Factory

How to use Forex Factory

In the “Measures” section, the change in the value of inflation-adjusted total sales at the retail level
is stated in the “Usual Effect” section, which is good news for the pound if the actual number is better than expected. In its lower part, “Frequency” is the amount of the news broadcasting period, which is published monthly and about 20 days after the end of the month. Similarly, in the lower part, the time of broadcasting the news in the next period, which is February 16, 2024, is written.

What is the economic calendar of Forex Factory?

Forex Factory Economic Calendar is a powerful tool that provides information related to economic events of various countries along with their impact on the markets. This economic calendar is one of the most important and widely used parts of the Forex Factory site, which is used by many traders, investors and analysts.

The Forex Factory economic calendar includes a schedule of various economic events such as information related to economic results, rates, statements and important economic decisions in different countries. These events can have a great impact on market trends and currency prices. The information in the economic calendar includes the following:

Time and Date: The exact time and date of the publication of the economic event.

Country: The country where the economic event is held.

Event Types: The type of economic event that can be an announcement of economic information, an economic decision, or a statement by authorities related to economics and taxation.

Previous: This part shows the amount of economic event in the past period.

Forecast: The value predicted by economic analysts and experts for the future economic event.

Actual: The actual value of the economic event that is announced in the market after it is published.

Impact: The level of expected impact of the economic event on the markets, which is displayed using the four colors red, orange, yellow and gray.

Event details Details 

More details of that event are written in the seventh column. After clicking on it, a separate page will open like the image below, which includes the following sections:

What is the economic calendar of Forex Factory?

What is the economic calendar of Forex Factory?

✔️ The news source is displayed in the source section.

✔️ How to calculate that index is written in the measure section.

✔️ In the usual effect section, it states what mode is suitable for that currency.

✔️ The next release date of this news is written in the next release section.

✔️ In the ff notes section, a short sentence about what the impact of this news will show in the economy.

✔️ In the derived via section, it is written from which sources these analyzes and predictions are taken.

✔️ In the also called section, the common name attributed to that event is written.

✔️ In the history section, it shows the values ​​related to this news in previous dates.

✔️ In the related stories section, news that are similar to this news will be displayed.

 Factory economic calendar filter

Like other Forex Factory pages, it has a filter. According to the picture below, these events can be displayed according to the type of currency, the type of event, the amount of impact of that currency category. If you do not want any currency to be placed on the Forex Factory screen, you can remove the corresponding currency from the screen by removing the tick next to that currency, and on the left side, there are options that you can remove or put. Turn it on or off.

 Factory economic calendar filter

Factory economic calendar filter

Price chart in Forex Factory

To open and view the price chart in Forex Factory, click on the desired chart displayed in small form at the top of the site to open the chart. It also has the ability to change different time frames.


Price chart in Forex Factory

Price chart in Forex Factory


Price chart in Forex Factory

Price chart in Forex Factory


In the figure below, in the upper left part of the name of the currency pair and next to it, there are options for choosing the desired time frame.

Price chart in Forex Factory

Price chart in Forex Factory

Bank sessions “Sessions”

Another important tool of the Forex Factory site is the sessions of Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York, and when the clock of the Forex Factory site is adjusted to your local time, you can see the opening and closing time of different sessions. It should be noted that these sessions are of world famous banks and stock sessions are different from bank sessions.

Bank sessions "Sessions"

Bank sessions “Sessions”


Bank sessions on the Farsi Forex Factory site:

Bank sessions are displayed on the Farsi Forex Factory site from right to left.

Bank sessions on the Persian Forex Factory site

Bank sessions on the Persian Forex Factory site

On the Farsi Forex Factory site, the titles of the statistics and their descriptions are completely written in Farsi. You can see several economic statistics in the photo below on 19th of Bahman corresponding to 8th of February 2024.

Bank sessions on the Persian Forex Factory site

Bank sessions on the Persian Forex Factory site

You can see all the economic statistics in Farsi language on the Forex Factory site, but its facilities are less than the main Forex Factory site.


What are the features of the Forex Factory site?

The Forex Factory site is one of the most reliable and popular educational and information sources in the field of foreign exchange transactions and financial markets, whose features can be seen in summary below:

Economic calendar

The Forex Factory Economic Calendar is a vital tool for traders that provides detailed information on the dates and timings of various economic announcements. The calendar includes information about announcements such as central bank interest rates, inflation, unemployment and other important economic events.

Also, this calendar mentions the financial impact of each economic announcement (positive and negative) and the forecasts provided by various analysts. This tool helps traders to carefully time their trades and consider the risks associated with economic announcements.

Financial news

The financial news section of Forex Factory provides traders with access to the latest news related to the financial markets. These news can include announcements, economic developments, world events, changes in monetary policies and other events related to financial markets. This information allows traders to quickly react to market changes and daily events and make trading decisions based on the latest information.

Market analysis

Similarly, the forex factory site provides detailed analyzes of financial markets. These analyzes include technical and fundamental analyzes applied by professional financial analysts. Technical analysis includes charts and price patterns that help identify price trends. Fundamental analysis matches traders with economic news and information to examine the financial impact of economic events and announcements on the markets. This information helps traders to make better trading decisions.

Forex Factory forum

Forex Factory has an active and dedicated community that allows traders to share their experiences, analysis, tips and trading strategies with other community members. This forum allows people to communicate with other traders and share useful knowledge and experiences in the field of currency trading.

Analytical tools

Forex Factory provides various analytical tools for traders. These tools include charts, analytical shapes, indicators and other tools that help traders analyze market trends and make better trading decisions.

Trading journal

The trading journal is an important tool for traders that allows them to record their trades and manage them in the best way. This tool helps traders to make better trading decisions and improve their performance. In the trading journal, traders can record details of their trades, such as currency pairs, entry and exit times, investment amounts, and profit and loss.

Trading competitions

forex factory runs trading tournaments that allow traders to compete against other traders. These tournaments give traders an opportunity to challenge their skills.

Free access

Many of the features and resources of the Forex Factory site are available for free. This allows people interested in currency trading to access and utilize useful and educational resources at no cost. In this full training article on the Forex Factory site, we talked about the general concepts as well as the process and the way to use it.


The war between the technicalists and the fundamentalists has always been and will be, but there is no war in the need to use the forex economic calendar. It can be said for sure that traders, especially those who trade in the short term, should know when the economic news is published, or at least they should check the forex news today and tomorrow.




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