Gifts and prizes

We offer Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, AirPods, Apple Watches, caps, T-shirts, flashdisks, mugs and other merchandise to both active xChief traders and Smart Forex course participants!


Terms and Conditions

1. The trader must complete at least 70% of the Smart Forex training course.

2. The trader must participate in all tests throughout the course and obtaine the required points.

3. The trader must make a profit not less than 10% in his trading account with xChief.

Example: If a trader deposits $100 into his xChief trading account, his account balance should be at least $110 at the end of the course, representing a profit of at least 10%.

4. The trader’s trading Drawdown account must not exceed 30%.

5. At the end of the course, xChief will award gifts and merchandise to all traders who have fulfilled the above conditions.