Traders Club

The Forex market is the world's largest financial market, having attracted many enthusiasts and investors in the last two decades. For new investors, Forex can seem a veritable goldmine. However, achieving success in Forex trading requires a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of various topics, which most beginners lack. In fact, any novice trader should ask themselves at least the following questions:

  • “How can I develop a successful trading strategy?”
  • “How can I make sure I consistently make profits despite changing market conditions?”
  • “Where can I learn more about trading?”
  • “Where can I find myself a mentor to guide me through trading strategies, risk management and cultivating the correct mindset?”

To address these questions, we’ve created the Traders Club in collaboration with the Chartical group, which has over 20 years of experience in high-quality trading education and trading software development. By becoming a Traders Club member, you will benefit from several unique services, such as mentoring, mindset education, peer support and Chartical Software Trading Systems - all for free and without restrictions! For more information and to join the "Traders Club," please watch the educational videos below:

Ahmadreza Jabal Aamili is one of the pioneers of financial markets in Iran with 20 years of trading and teaching experience. Through years of trial and error, experimenting with various methods of technical analysis and indicators, he concluded that traditional financial approaches alone were not sufficient for success. Instead, he found that success ultimately hinges on mastering price action—a realization he arrived at after five years of extensive study. Armed with deeper insights and academic research, Professor Jabal Aamili began offering free training after a decade in the financial markets. For the past nine years, he has been imparting foundational and effective trading methods to students. Initially dubbed "Sentimental," his trading method underwent a transformation and is now known as "Chartical." Today, "Chartical" stands as a premier institution for trading skill development and specialized trading software globally, hosting over 120 hours of online coaching sessions monthly.

Educational videos