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In recent decades, with the ever-increasing expansion of financial markets and the increasing demand for participation in forex transactions, there has been a need to use the services of forex brokers as intermediaries in the process of financial transactions. Choosing the best forex broker is one of the most important things to succeed in online trading. In this article, we analyze the concept of a forex broker, the requirements of a reliable broker, introducing the best brokers for Iranians, a reliable forex broker in Iran, what is broker trade?, what is a broker or agent?, forex brokerage, forex broker for Iranians, Iranian brokers , broker with basic credit, global forex broker, the best brokers in the world, introduction of forex brokers, broker in Iran, reliable broker for Iranians, the best forex broker in the world, forex brokerage in Iran, forex brokerage in Iran, the most reliable forex brokerage, forex broker In Iran, which forex broker is better? The best broker for forex? The most reliable forex broker, types of forex brokers and review of things such as initial credit, brokers and various important features of forex brokers will be discussed.

First part: What is a broker?

Buying and selling currency is a simple task and you can buy only by going to a bank or an exchange. But if you want to become a forex trader, you need to connect to the global currency market or forex. Forex refers to a network of banks, institutions and companies that are always buying and selling currency. A simple trader cannot be a member of this network. The volume of transactions in the network that forms the forex market is much more than one person can handle. For this reason, to enter the forex market, you should ask for help from a broker.

A forex broker acts as a financial intermediary that allows traders to trade in global financial markets. This word is taken from the English word “broker” and means agent or intermediary. The forex broker has the duty to communicate between the trader and the market and to facilitate financial transactions, to provide information and to provide the necessary facilities to traders to carry out transactions.

What is a broker in simple words?

The broker opens a trading account for you and provides you access to the forex market with the username and password he provides. You deposit the capital that you set aside for trading to the account that you opened in the brokerage and that is in your name, and then you trade with the help of the broker in the forex market, this is done using software such as Metatrader or other similar software. takes place

What is a forex broker or forex broker?

In general, the work of a forex brokerage company is to provide market rates to its customers and execute customer trading orders. That is, when a customer submits his trading order (buy or sell) to the broker online or over the phone, the forex broker executes the customer’s buy or sell order from the customer’s deposit.
As mentioned, all brokerages perform one action, which is to provide rates and perform purchase and sale transactions for customers according to online or telephone orders. A good question that can be asked is what are the differences between brokers and what factors should be considered to compare brokers?

Forex broker in Iran

Currently, according to the current laws in Iran, it is forbidden to give permission to stock exchange companies or stock brokerages or exchanges to conduct global transactions, but since the forex market is also booming in Iran, many people are looking for reliable forex brokers who They work with Iranians. But it can be challenging for Iranians to choose a reliable broker with initial credit. For this reason, it is very important for Iranians to analyze forex brokers and to know their important features.

What points should be considered when choosing a forex broker?

In order to find a good global forex broker, you should: Trading items, financial rules and trading mechanisms, supervision and regulation, quality of trading services and quality of support services are important factors that should be considered in choosing a broker.

Second part: Broker and its types

As mentioned, the broker has the role of a broker or an intermediary that provides the possibility of buying and selling various assets for traders and demands a fee from the trader that is appropriate for the type of asset and the time of the transaction (assets represent the economic resources of a company or person Of course, the case is not that simple and it should be noted that some brokers benefit from the losses of their clients and make a profit; but how?

It should be noted that there are generally two types of brokers, which we will describe below:

  1. Market Maker Broker: This type of brokerage, as their name suggests, is the party to the contract and transaction of their clients. This means that if a person intends to sell in these brokers, the broker is forced to buy from his client. It is obvious that in some cases, if he executes the orders and orders desired by the customer late, the possibility of loss for the customer will be very high. In fact, in this type of brokers, the loss of customers is considered the broker’s profit, and the customer’s profit will be a loss for the broker, and practically, these types of brokers are not connected to the global market and only provide price data to customers. These types of brokers were very active in the past, but with the competition and the addition of new traders in the forex market, brokers are operating online and connected to the global market.
  2. Table Maker Broker: This type of brokerage only connects customers to each other. In other words, these brokers connect the orders of sellers and buyers and receive their profit from the commission and spread of their transactions.

A very important point about the type of brokers is that being a market maker does not necessarily mean that the broker is bad. Next, we recommend that you read the most common forex terms that every trader should know. Market maker brokers can easily commit violations, but if this broker has many clients and is regulated, it will not be inclined to commit violations. The reason for this is very simple; Violation will destroy their credit and in the long run will cause heavy losses to them.

Third part: What are the reliable forex brokers and which broker is better?

The most reliable forex brokers in the world are “regula” and we will discuss this category further.

What is the regulation in brokers?

Regulatory is the institution that regulates the activities of traders, companies and brokers in the financial markets. Reputable international regulatory bodies (regulators) regularly and periodically supervise all financial and operational operations of the broker so that all standards in the financial and operational procedures of this broker are carefully observed. “AFTF” organization is a world level organization that was designed and established to fight money laundering. By dictating a series of regulations and monitoring their implementation, the regulators ensure the health of the trading and financial procedures of the broker. Brokerages that are under supervision or regulation are called “Regule” brokers in the Persian vernacular. Brokerages that are under such supervision are much better in terms of capital security and work health than brokers that are not subject to this type of supervision.

For more than 3 decades, this organization has been active in finding illegal incomes and fighting the lack of transparency in financial organizations. Some organizations move their money in various and illegal ways to hide the source of their income, but this organization conducts detailed investigations and seeks to find lack of transparency in financial organizations. Because brokers deal directly with traders’ funds and move large sums of money, the organization monitors their financial transactions to ensure that certain fraud is not being committed. Because brokers are not directly affiliated with AFTF, the regulations do this.

Regulators can require brokers to provide transparency on their financial practices and how they protect client assets. In this type of situations, if anything unpleasant happens, the regulations will come into action and will protect the property of the customers by using some insurances.

Broker trading symbols

What items you can trade by opening a trading account in a broker depends on your broker. Each broker offers very specific items for trading, which may be different from another broker. For example, one broker may provide crude oil for trading and another broker may not provide it. The broker, which was finally selected by the review of all the various parameters and discussed below, supports currency transactions, oil, Wall Street indices, gold ounces, oil and other symbols. For more detailed information about brokers’ trading items, you can refer to the relevant page of that broker on its website.

Broker trading service quality

It is true that in all forex brokers you send a trading order and the broker executes it. But sending a trading order and executing it is not the same in all brokers. The speed of transaction execution and non-slip rate and providing the best possible rate are quality parameters of trading services that should be measured over time and by special software.

Important features when choosing the best forex broker for Iranians

Due to the fact that trading in the forex market has a history of between sixty and seventy years, the competition in this field is high and many brokers compete with each other all over the world, and with the passage of time, the number of brokers and competitions increases. However, it should be noted that unfortunately, due to sanctions, not all these brokers provide services to Iranians. On the other hand, according to the current conditions in Iran, most fraudsters see Iranians as a suitable prey for their abuse, and in recent years, they have defrauded Iranians several times with different methods. With these interpretations, to choose the right broker, you should be very careful and consider all its aspects.

Here are some of the advantages of a broker that can be suitable for Iranian users:

  • Having valid approvals from recognized (regulated) institutions.
  • Appropriate spread, commission and swap rates
  • Availability of various assets for trading in the broker
  • Variety of deposit and withdrawal methods for Iranians
  • Variety of trading accounts to open in the broker
  • Easy access to support and fast response
  • Variety of broker trading platforms
  • Speed ​​of transactions

Fourth part: Choosing the best forex broker for Iranians

Using the best forex trade brokerage for Iranians, especially, requires a detailed study and complete knowledge of the features and services of various brokers. In this section, some important points and decision factors for choosing the best broker for Iranians will be discussed.

– Initial Credit: The initial credit of a broker is one of the most important factors that traders should pay attention to. A broker with an acceptable initial credit can gain the confidence and trust of traders.

– Costs and fees: Costs and fees are also one of the vital points for choosing a broker. Traders should carefully compare trading costs, spreads, and other fees to make the right choice.

– Trading platform: The broker’s trading platform plays a very important role in the traders’ experience. A user-friendly and advanced platform can help traders make their trades in the best possible way.

– Customer support: Customer support is one of the main factors for choosing a broker. The broker’s ability to provide professional and effective support to customers in times of need shows the broker’s commitment and responsibility.

– Opinions and feedbacks: reading the opinions and feedbacks of current traders of a broker can be a good guide for choosing that broker. The experiences of others in using broker services can recently provide useful information for traders.

Broker support service quality

When you have a problem or a question, or you come across an issue regarding one of your transactions that you want to raise with the broker, the broker’s support service will connect you with the broker. Therefore, you must choose a broker whose support department supports the Persian language and can provide you with the best answer as soon as possible.

Introduction of Forex broker

Now we will look at the features of a reliable Iranian broker named “Broker Forex Chief” and its features:

Review of a reliable forex broker for Iranians

ForexChief Ltd, under company number N14777, operates with the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission as a forex trading company (mainly licensed). The main prerequisite of Forex Chief brokerage project is to create a unique platform for online trading of currency contracts and precious metals with margin trading conditions.

The technology infrastructure of the project is based on the STP / NDD (direct order / trading table) model, which not only prevents conflicts of interest between the company and traders, but also increases the overall quality of service and high speed of service through limited spreads. Gives.

In this model, using broker services is really convenient, because STP stands for Straight Through Processing. The best forex brokers use STP, fully automated trading systems to encourage their clients to use this style.

STP trading systems typically process each transaction electronically and deliver it directly to a select group of participants, including market participants called interbank trading markets, liquidity providers, for trading at competitive prices.

Getting to know the types of Forex Chief broker trading accounts

 How to open an account in Forex Chief brokerage:

First, you enter the Forex Chief broker site and click on the registration section and enter the details completely and correctly, make sure that your email address and mobile phone number are entered correctly. Congratulations, you have successfully created a “Cabin” account for yourself. Now you can open a trading account from the right menu, in the section “My accounts” and in “Opening a trading account”. In the account opening section, there are various trading platforms that you can choose according to your needs and open one of the types of accounts that exist in this broker. (The types of Forex Chief broker accounts are mentioned above.)

 Part 5: Why should we choose Chief Forex Broker?

  1. Forex Chief has been providing various services for 9 years. X-Chief” started its activity in 2014 and is currently a well-known broker.
  2. “xChief Ltd”  company  (registration number HY00923433) has  a license  from Mwali International Services Department as an international brokerage and clearing house.
  3. The company is subject to a mandatory annual financial audit.
  4. Providing the most popular forex trading platforms,  MetaTrader 4   and  MetaTrader 5  .
  5. Providing more than 150 trading instruments: Forex, precious metals (gold and silver), commodities (crude oil and gas, WTI and Brent oil), (CFD indices (10 leading stock indices), CFD stocks (stocks of the world’s most famous brands.)
  6. User-centered growth and development, by constantly updating accounts and adding new trading tools requested by users.
  7. Availability  of “standard” and “cent accounts , such as:  MT4.CENT , MT4.DirectFX , MT4.Classic + , MT4.xPRIME MT5.CENT , MT5.DirectFX , MT5.Classic + and MT5.xPRIME .
  8. Providing  Islamic trading accounts (without swap) .
  9. Providing  investment accounts  (PAMM accounts) that connect investors and traders from all over the world, allowing them to make money without having to trade.
  10. The possibility of free training in real market conditions by opening an account and without  demo (trial) account restrictions .
  11. Using  STP/NDD technology   , which shows that the broker does not interfere in the execution of financial operations for withdrawal.
  12. The presence of various servers located in Frankfurt, London, Ireland, Bahrain, Singapore, which guarantee the quality of the user’s trading terminal connection.
  13. X-Chief has created its own proprietary cash flow structure that allows the company to significantly reduce spreads, price slippage, and the percentage of failed transactions. In this way, the development technology solutions allow X-Chief to serve as a  liquidity service provider  for any forex broker who is interested in stable price flow and quality order execution.
  14. Ability to use all trading strategies, including scalping, and any trading tools as well as arbitrage.
  15. Market driven and limited spreads, on some accounts from zero pips and average spreads for the EUR/USD currency pair of 0.4 pips.
  16. Working with the minimum volume of transactions, equal to 0.01 standard lot, including “cent” accounts with a maximum leverage of  1:1000 .
  17. The existence of hedging  or netting systems  . 
  18. Providing advanced solutions to control and reduce trading losses through negative balance protection.
  19. $100 free bonus .
  20. Welcome bonus up to $500 , which is offered when you make your first deposit.
  21. Turnover rewards  (cashback) with an exponential reward scale.
  22. Transaction credits  up to 70% of the total deposit amount, provided by the company.
  23. Online support  24 hours a day, 7 days a week in English, and support in different languages ​​such as: Farsi, Indonesian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian (during certain working hours every country) through different social networks such as:  online chat, phone call, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, WeChat, email,  and  ticket .
  24. “IB Pro” program
    • Bonus according to the model (CPA)  up to  $300  per user acquisition.
    • “Permanent and ongoing” reward for the turnover of each user attracted on an exponential scale (the higher the turnover, the higher the reward).
  25. The “White Label” cooperation program , which allows the partner to create his investment company using the technology infrastructure available in “X-Chief” at a low cost.
    1. Easy registration and authentication method, and  user-friendly user area  that allows the user to enter the market and start earning as soon as possible.
    2. Traders can  open  multiple accounts in the user area  , manage  trading account  funds, and keep free funds in their transitory accounts in the form of dollars or euros. 
    3. Various deposit and withdrawal methods are very easy, such as the banking system, debit and credit cards, Skrill, NETELLER, Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, FasaPay, etc.
    4. Instant and free internal money transfers between user accounts.
    5. Providing a dedicated mobile application  for depositing and managing personal accounts wherever you are.
    6. Providing daily analysis, forecasts and analysis, and forex news on  Instagram  and  Facebook .
    7. The existence of a “library” page   on the company’s website, including useful information about trading and working in the forex market and currency exchanges.


    In the end, in order to choose the best forex broker for Iranians, every trader must carefully pay attention to their criteria and needs and choose the best forex broker based on them. Conducting detailed studies, using reliable sources, studying and following the opinions of other users and using the experiences of other financial market traders can help forex traders to operate continuously and confidently in the financial markets and achieve optimal profitability.

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