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Forex trading is a popular way to make money; However, it can be a bit daunting for people who are just getting into this market. There are usually many questions that newbies have when entering, but the most common one is how much capital is required to enter Forex. The answer is not simple and depends on factors such as your experience level, risk tolerance, broker requirements and the type of account you open. Now, if you want to trade in forex and you don’t know how many dollars you should start with, we will answer your question in this article.

What does minimum capital mean?

If you have ever opened a bank account, you probably know that when you open an account, the teller asks you to first deposit a minimum amount that the bank sets. To enter Forex, you must first create an account and deposit an amount to start.

The good thing about the forex market is that it has left traders’ hands open in this field. So, whether you have $1 or $100,000, you can trade in this market. If you are a beginner and think that trading in this market is a bit daunting, we have to say that there is nothing to worry about as long as you go with the right approach. If you learn the right trading principles, you can have a profitable and exciting activity in this market.

Factors affecting the minimum capital to enter forex

Before we determine what is the minimum amount of money to enter Forex, let’s first see what factors affect the determination of this amount.

1. Trading style and strategy

Each trader has his own trading style and strategy that determine the amount of initial capital required. For example, day traders may need less capital than swing traders or position traders.

2. Risk tolerance

To determine how much you want to start trading with, you need to consider your risk tolerance. Forex trading can make you suffer big losses as much as it has significant profits. Therefore, it is very important to see how much capital you can afford to lose. For example, consider a trader who earns 15 million Tomans per month. This person may be able to bear the loss of 200 thousand Tomans. Another trader with the same income may be willing to risk losing a million tomans.

As a rule of thumb, always start trading with an amount that you won’t be out of luck if you lose; It means that your living expenses will not face problems. Usually, beginners who don’t know the market and trade yet, it is better to invest only 1% of their total capital in the market. Also, in each transaction, you should not face the risk of losing more than 1-2% of your input capital.

3. Leverage and margin

Leverage acts as a double-edged sword in Forex trading. Although leverages help us achieve higher profits, if we make a mistake, we also incur huge losses. Therefore, the leverage provided by the broker and the margin (margin of profit) are very important in calculating the minimum required capital.

4. Asset class and currency pair

Each currency pair has its own level of volatility. For example, major currency pairs such as USD/EUR, USD/JPY, etc. are more stable than exotic currencies from other countries. The choice of currency pair affects the minimum required capital.

5. Broker and account type requirements

Different brokers may define different initial capital for the user. For example, the minimum capital to enter Forex in one broker may start from 1000 dollars, but another broker will allow you to start trading with 500 dollars. In addition, your account type and the features and benefits associated with each account type may affect the minimum capital required.

How many dollars should we enter Forex?

As we said, you can start trading with $10, $100, $1000 and even more. It depends on your trading goals, broker and account type. However, brokers usually provide traders with standard, mini, micro, and some even nano accounts. The sizes of the lots of these accounts are as follows:

  • standard account; Complete lot: $100,000
  • Mini Account: $10,000
  • Micro account: $1000
  • Nano account: $100.

Note: Lot means 100,000 units of base currency.

Advantages and disadvantages of starting with a minimum capital to enter forex

Entering Forex with small amounts has advantages and disadvantages. When you start trading with very small amounts like 10 or 100 dollars in the forex market, you get less profit; But at least you know that if you lose, it won’t be too dramatic. Let’s see what these advantages and disadvantages are:


Learning to trade: When you start with small amounts, you will easily learn the basics and test different trading strategies. Although you can’t develop advanced trading skills on your own, it’s a good place to start.

Emotion control: Many traders make irrational decisions because they are not successful in managing their emotions in the market. With small amounts to start trading, you learn how to manage your emotions.

Disadvantages and limitations

  • With small amounts, you cannot trade multiple currency pairs at the same time;
  • You should keep the position size small, which will certainly give you a small potential profit;
  • You cannot take advantage of more trading opportunities that require larger capital, such as scalping or swing;
  • Market volatility may force you to exit early due to setting a stop loss;
  • It is difficult to find brokers that allow you to trade with small amounts;
  • Low profits reduce your motivation;
  • You can’t hone your trading skills as much as you should.



Determining the minimum capital to start trading in Forex is a multifaceted decision that involves a careful understanding of market dynamics, risk tolerance, and individual trading goals. Of course, it is not possible to roll the same version for everyone; However, it is better to be cautious when trading and focus more on effective risk management and aligning capital allocation with your trading strategy.

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